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Christians working in business and industries across the globe say they often share this sense that there is a gap between their faith 和ir work. They manage offices, lead major corporations, create marketing materials, and start small businesses, but don’t encounter the message that doing business can be holy work. 

这是通过桥接所述间隙 信仰 & Co.,一个广阔的举措在2018年通过SPU的推出 企业,政府和经济学院中心商务诚信. Designed to help people inside and outside the business world integrate Christian faith into their work, 信仰 & Co. consists of an innovative online course series and a print study guide, both built around a series of original documentary films.

A hand guides coffee beans into a grinder每个短片探索不同的商人斗争和胜利反映了耶稣基督的烟雨挑战,风险,胜利,和工作场所的monotonies爱。

“在市场上所做的工作是神圣的工作,说:” kenman弘, professor of business ethics and 信仰 & Co. course instructor. “There doesn’t have to be a difference between business and ministry.”


The 信仰 & Co. curriculum takes participants to businesses around the globe, from a smartwatch manufacturer in Vietnam to I Have a Bean, a coffee roaster in Wheaton, Illinois, that employs ex-convicts.

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“这个愿望卓越是上帝,”她说。 “我们做出做好工作。这意味着我的工作可以是部我打电话“。

信仰 & Co. even reaches high into the ranks of one of the world’s leading companies: Apple. $ 700;信仰十亿公司罗恩·约翰逊, 苹果零售店背后的心态,说明他的信心如何影响非常设计 商店:系统,做法和物理设置了超市都 设计用于连接个人与便利耶稣的诫命,爱你的邻居。A man and a woman work on a pair of laptops in a modern office space

While the concept of vocational theology — faith-informed work — is not new, Wong said many people do not encounter it in daily life. 信仰 & Co. is at the forefront of a movement to make such conversations routine.

“我们是指在世界的神的救赎参与,不仅在意义上的工作人员,但在一定意义上也系统性的,”说 罗斯·斯图尔特,Sbge院长。 “企业做到这一点的方法之一。”


信仰 & Co.’s roots come from a seed planted during a 2013 retreat at Laity Lodge near San Antonio, Texas, where Seattle Pacific Provost Jeff Van Duzer, then dean of the School of 商业 and Economics, was a 主讲人。面包车Duzer,谁最近写 为什么商业事务相关的神 (IVP学术,2010),与一小群商人的重要作用,企业在神的计划对世界起着共享。

A woman works on a leather project


“我从来没有听说过这样的事情之前,说:”斯顿伯格。 “我在基督教家庭长大,在我家的教会服务,但我从来没有听说过企业的神学或我在这个商业世界的工作能有一个神圣的目的。”

A woman stands in front of a neon sign which reads "Who runs the world? GIRLS"“SPU不是一个电影制作公司,但我们是一个教育机构早已明白,教育技术和媒体的重要性,”说 罗林萌


Ethics professor Wong came on board as film producer, content developer, and course instructor. SPU hired the award-winning Seattle-based film company, Untamed. Eric and Keri Stumberg, the primary funders, were joined by other donors. After 18 months of production — sourcing film subjects, filming, post-production, marketing and distribution, and aligning with best practices in educational methods and structures — 信仰 & Co. was born.

“For more than a decade, SBGE has been recognized as one of the leading developers of a ‘theology of business,’” said Van Duzer. “信仰 & Co. represents a quantum step forward in advancing God’s kingdom work through business.”

Since their premiere, the 信仰 & Co. films have been shown by universities and organizations across the nation, acting as catalysts for seminars and other events on the integration of faith and work.

“Unfortunately, much of the conversation about connecting faith and work in the business sector just scratches the surface,” said Amy Sherman, senior fellow at the Sagamore 在stitute for Policy 研究 and thought leader in the area of vocational theology. “信仰 & Co. is theologically richer, digging into the implications of creation, fall, redemption, and new creation for everyday business. This isn’t ‘Five Tips for Successful 商业.’ This is wisdom for the long haul.” 

- 罗斯·斯图尔特


在 spring 2018, SBGE launched SPU’s first open online class, free of charge for anyone who wished to participate. Titled “信仰 & Co.: 商业 on Purpose” and facilitated by Wong, the self-paced, eight-week course allowed participants to draw connections between their faith and work through writing assignments, self-reflection in response to the films, readings, interviews with business leaders, dialogue with fellow students, and exercises to put lessons into practice.A man works with a carton of bees

The course incorporates the 信仰 & Co. films along with more than 70 other short, topical films in a graduate-level curriculum that explores biblical business principles. The stories in the films serve as real-world examples of course lessons.


The positive impact business can have on a community is illustrated by San Francisco company Dayspring Technologies. 在 a move many might see as a business-killer, the organization relocated from the downtown core to a low-income neighborhood where employees used their skills to help local businesses flourish.



The first time SPU hosted the course, 118 individuals from 13 countries across four continents participated. 在 January, the course ran a second time, with 280 registrants and two options: a free course open to all, and an option to take the course for credit, applicable toward a graduate business degree at Seattle Pacific.

- 艾米莉·帕杜拉


信仰 & Co. harnesses the accessibility of the MOOC format, but takes course design and quality to the next level, Moe said. Rather than providing a predetermined pathway for all students to take, the content meets users where they are. Whether users complete the entire course, participate in part of the course, or simply watch the core films, their experience will still be informative and effective.

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“These are free online classes, but the design is remarkably sophisticated,” said Moe. “This experiment in providing a multitude of educational on-ramps around a topic, while harnessing the expertise of an instructor who connects the source material to learner growth, is our future. Today, education must be multi-modal.”

The 信仰 & Co. study guide, available on Amazon, provides an instruction and discussion manual for the local church or any group, as well as exercises to help people implement lessons into their lives and careers.A tractor moves down a field

Those involved with the 信仰 & Co. project are eager to see its impact spread. Production is underway for a second film series and course. With the theme “Redemptive Workplaces,” this series will focus on theologically informed practices that help employees flourish.

“Christians need to hear the message that work does matter,” said Padula, the strategy officer at Hill Country Memorial Hospital. “I’m grateful to be part of sharing this message. It’s such an underserved need in the church: acknowledging and honoring the gritty, day-to-day work people do for God.”   

这篇文章最初出现在春季2019问题 响应 随着标题,“诚信为企业和世界。”

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SPU的响应订阅杂志,并了解如何人在我们的社会正在影响世界的好 - 你也可以做到!